Skincare Revolution


Known for its rugged natural beauty, Australia is also famous for its organic skincare products.

Skincare Revolution is a 100 per cent Australian made natural skincare products, inspired by the beautiful natural surroundings of Australia.

In the beginning, Skincare Revolution founder Julie Nilsson wanted to create a truly effective, high quality skin care product she could use. After years of trialling brand names, she was frustrated and disillusioned with their claims of improving skin condition. Julie was also annoyed at these brands’ excessive packaging and small size of content within.


With a background in science and and research, Julie embarked on a journey, spending years creating and developing her own skincare products. All she wanted was a good face cream. But positive comments about her skin condition led to the founding of Skincare Revolution and products are manufactured commercially.

Skincare Revolution is dedicated in minimizing its carbon footprints. Products are made using native Australian oils, flora and botanical extracts sourced and grown in Australia. Its packaging is made from recyclable materials and manufactured from locally sourced ingredients.

Skincare Revolution products cater for both men and women, specifically tailored to different skin types.

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