Federal Government launches campaign for Australian Jobs

The new advertising campaign to promote the Federal Government’s A Plan for Australian Jobs has been launched early this week.


The video below outlines the Plan’s three core strategies which are 1. To back Australian companies to win more work at home; 2. To support the Australian industries in order to increase exports and win new businesses overseas; 3. To support the growth of small to medium Australian businesses which in turn will help create new jobs.

“The Plan will help make sure companies running large projects give Aussie supplies a fair go, to keep jobs here, not overseas,” according to the ad.

“It will help create new skills for new jobs, bringing together industries and researchers for businesses of the future. It helps small businesses grow, which means more jobs, for more Australians.”


The ad serves to remind Australians that the country is a nation of innovation.

“Australia is a country that works. We’re not afraid to roll up our sleeves or dig.”

It concludes with the line “A Plan for Australian Jobs. Australia works. Let’s keep it that way.”

Last week the Australian Manufacturing Workers Union (AMWU) expressed its approval for the new local content laws that were passed in the senate which will require all projects over $500 million to prepare Australian Industry Participation (AIP) plans that will outline their strategy for providing opportunities to local manufacturers.

AIP plans are part of the core strategy in the Plan for Australian Jobs which will give local industries the chance to participate on a commercial basis. The laws will apply to all major projects, including infrastructure.

“These new laws cannot come soon enough and will strengthen requirements to ensure delivery of real jobs for local workers and their communities,” said AMWU National Secretary Paul Bastian.

Innovation Industry Precincts are also being selected and established in Australia, with the Boards for the Food Industry and Manufacturing  Precincts already announced in May and June of this year.

The Australian Government says around $1.6 billion worth of additional new jobs could be won by Australians businesses a year through the help of the Jobs Plan.

A new Enterprise Solutions Program will also be established to help Australian SME’s build their skills and expertise in order to respond innovatively to future public sector procurement opportunities.



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