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    For the past seven or eight years, Emuse founding director Alesha Johnson has sold emu oil products for other companies.

    Disillusioned by most emu oil products on the market that contained cheap fillers and chemicals, she started her own line, Emuse.

    “Australian emu oil is great, but synthetic ingredients used in most emu oil products contradict it being a natural health care alternative.” She says.


    Emu oil penetrates all seven layers of the skin, so it is important to use with therapeutic ingredients that are healthy for our skin and body, as opposed to chemical and synthetic ingredients.

    Emuse comes from the philosophy of combining natural and organic ingredients with high quality Australian Emu oil to benefit from all ingredients.

    As for its benefits, Alesha gave us an insight through a simple line: “There are too many to list!”

    Natural Skin Healer
    Emu oil soothes inflammation in the skin and body, making it an ideal health alternative for skin conditions such as eczema, skin rashes, rosacea, burns, sunburn, insect bites, cuts, etc.

    It also helps with pain and inflammation associated with Arthritis. Emuse Pure Emu Oil can be taken internally for its balance of Omage 3, 6 and 9 essential fatty acids.

    Skin Repair and Rejuvenation
    Emu oil has similar composition to our skin natural oil. It speeds up skin repair and rejuvenation process, making it great for scars and stretch marks.

    It is also great to use in anti-ageing products for its ability to restore aged skin, reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

    Emuse emu oil is processed in a licensed oil plant. With much support for sustainable farming, there are no anti-biotic or hormones used in farming and manufacturing process of Emuse emu oil.

    As a small business owner in skincare industry, Alesha thinks Australian manufacturing needs to be more focused on smaller runs. Fresher and more frequent bathes of products as a result will also help small business start-ups.

    She admits that it is very difficult for a young skin care company to start off when most manufacturers require a minimum of 50 to 100 kg of products each time.

    As a local and international provider, Emuse defies media claims of small business being affected by the high-yielding Australian dollar.

    “Not really. It’s (Emuse) kept quite stable. If it has had effect it’s been very mild and has not been detrimental,” Alesha reveals.

    Emuse is a young company exporting to many countries around the world via Internet sales. However, they will be marketing to many Australian shops and health food outlets in the future.

    Alesha reassures those who insist on purchasing their emu oil products in-store:

    “You can expect to see us in your local health food shop very soon!”

    For those interested in getting Emuse products, see Emuse website www.emuseproducts.com or www.emustore.com

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