Your Personal Wi-Fi Hotspot


Businesspeople on-the-go are carrying an increasing collection of mobile devices: Having two mobile phones is a norm for those seeking for optimum productivity. That, plus a laptop and tablet means a whole lot of efficiency and telecommuniation charges. Most of these devices come with the ability to connect to the internet, hence result in the need for users to subscribe to multiple mobile plans.

A good way to solve this problem is by using a personal wi-fi hotspot. Often come in pocket size, these devices allow a single mobile data connection to be shared with multiple devices. It accepts a standard SIM card and connects to your chosen service provider. The device broadcast a low-range wi-fi signal to allow nearby portable devices to connect.

Some mobile wi-fi hotspots on the market include:


Vodafone Pocket Wifi$29/month – 12 month plan (Device and 6GB data)

Optus Mini Wi-Fi Modem
$39.95/ month – 12 month plan (Device and 8GB data)

If you do not want to be bound by fix-term contracts, NetComm and Telstra has the best deals:

NetComm MyZone Wi-Fi Router

Telstra Elite Pre-paid Mobile Wi-Fi
$129 (Device and 5gb data)

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