Quickstep’s RST technology passes rigorous tests of European luxury carmaker

Carbon fibre composites manufacturer Quickstep has announced today that its resin spray transfer (RST) technology has passed the environmental test regimes of a prestige European car maker.

Image courtesy of David Castillo Dominici / FreeDigitalPhotos.net
Image courtesy of David Castillo Dominici / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

In a media release Quickstep said the results of these tests confirm that the RST technology has the ability to meet rigorous painted panel benchmarks and enable outstanding finishes. Furthermore this qualifies the technology for consideration in the brand’s commercial supply tenders.

Quickstep Managing Director Philippe Odouard says the company is delighted at the recent developments which is a positive step toward securing a commercial entry into the automotive market.

“Luxury cars demand absolutely flawless paint and body work, and these tests by a luxury car maker demonstrate that Quickstep’s resin spray transfer technology can support such results,” says Mr. Odouard.


“During tests the car panels, manufactured using Quickstep’s RST, were subjected to hot and cold ageing cycles for weeks and subjected to high humidity and high temperature environments. We are delighted that the RST technology has passed what is considered to be one of the automotive industry’s most exacting ‘quality of finish’ tests.”

Car companies have increased the usage of carbon-fibre composite technology in their contemporary luxury vehicles, but achieving and maintaining top-quality paint finish is much harder with carbon-fibre than metal.

Passing the tests from the European car maker is an achievement that few composite manufacturers have achieved, says Quickstep. Aside from this, the RST technology can be delivered at a considerably lower cost.

“We believe that our RST technology can revolutionise car manufacturing across the globe, as it meets the industry’s three key manufacturing objectives — producing strong yet light vehicle parts with fast processing, at low cost and with a high quality finish,” explains Mr. Odouard.

“The technology is drawing increasing interest, and we are progressing negotiations and providing quotes for several leading European carmakers.”

Quickstep is currently working with carmakers in Europe to develop the RST process for each marquee’s specifications. Component trials are now underway with the Audi AG, for which Quickstep collaborated with a German government-funded consortium to develop cost-effective solutions for high-volume automotive composites parts production using the RST technology.

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