Kuvings Australia

Kuvings Australia
Searching for a dependable juicer brand? You’ve just found it-Kuvings, the leading one in Australia and New Zealand. Started in 1978, Kuvings is among the world’s most recognized juicer brands, offering an assortment of premium juicers, juicer accessories and juicer parts.

Drinking unnatural juices packed with sugar and all sorts of unhealthy components from your supermarket is gone. Make yourself a glass of refreshing juice or make your baby a healthful, flavorful juice of fresh fruits and vegetables with the help of a Kuvings juicer. Kuvings’ assortment of juicers includes juicers to fit all kitchen requirements and match any kitchen design. Light, potent, fashionable and quiet, Kuvings juicers stick out among other juicers on the market. The Kuvings juicers are swift and do all the tasks you had to previously, decreasing the human labor greatly.

We are proud of all of our juicers, engineered and manufactured by a highly capable team in Korea. Do you want a warranty? With Kuvings you get a 20-year motor warranty and 5-year spare parts warranty. Ease your way to well being with a Kuvings juicer and your daily requirements of nutritional essentials.

Kuvings is a leading world brand of juicers and accessories.

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