Polito Wood Fire Ovens

Polito Wood Fire Ovens
Polito Wood Fired Ovens Kits are precast and easy to assemble. There are five convenient sizes that are suitable Woodfired pizza ovens in Melbourne City.

As the trend for cooking outdoors over open flames continues to grow, restaurants, cafes and bakeries, as well as individuals and families at home in backyards around Australia, are fanning the flames of the latest revolution in the outdoor entertaining experience.

Our wood fired pizza oven range includes:

Home Ovens
DIY Ovens
Commercial Ovens
Jamie Oliver Ovens

Polito Wood Fire Ovens Specialists in Ovens Install and able to be fitted anywhere in Melbourne and Oven Kits are precast and easy to assemble. You will find a range of Woodfired pizza ovens and Pizza oven Kits online suited to your lifestyle in Victoria. For more info call us: +61 39460 6808.

There’s something special about cooking and eating outdoors in your own wood fire oven. Food simply tastes better when enjoyed in the fresh Australian air.

Nothing beats a wood fired oven in your backyard and Polito’s wood fired ovens, made right here in Melbourne, are the best you can buy.

Wood fire oven used in a pizzeria, restaurant, hotels etc need to be of the highest quality material and building methods. The importance of the cooking floor tile is vital, a 50mm thick floor oven tiles which has a minimum Alumina content of 38% and to reach temperature of 1350 dg C. Polito believes 100% on the thermal mass, reaching the wall/floor thickness layers of approximately 300mm. By achieving thermal mass the wood fire oven retains/captures the heat which results to burning less firewood used leaving 80% of the internal oven footprint to cook. Polito commercial wood fire ovens are pre built and ready to be delivered for installation. Ovens come with a commercial metal black powered coated stand.

Polito Wood Fire Ovens in Melbourne manufactures commercial wood fire ovens with a wide range of sizes and styles. The hand crafted ready built commercial pizza ovens are constructed with sophisticated technology where our castable refractory is high alumina, by using high quality materials formula which includes calcium aluminate cement, Australian clay processed to calcined refractory aggregates, kilned, crushed, weighed and sized. This formula achieves 40% to 50% alumina which enables to heat the oven quicker and retain temperatures for longer period. Polito Ovens assembling methods include High temperatures insulating materials as they are of high importance to retain heat. Ceramic fibre blanket and vermiculite to name a few. The pre assembled commercial wood fire pizza oven range is designed for restaurants and pizzerias looking for a high- end pizza oven to manage for baking Pizza Napoletana and more woodfired dishes.

Polito do it yourself complete kit is supplied with all components to build this high quality wood fire oven. It saves you loads of money when you choose to build it yourself, all instruction and phone support is available. This kit is packed on a pallet and shipped anywhere in the Australia/NZ


Jamie Oliver’s Wood-fired ovens are about more than just pizza. Not only can you use them to bake beautiful breads, turn out golden vegetables and melt-in the- mouth stews, but cooking next to an open fire brings out unique flavours in every dish. Cooking in a Jamie Oliver wood fired pizza oven forces you to slow down, to reconnect with food and work with nature. These ovens bring friends and family together and get you outside in all seasons. Get in touch with Australia’s exclusive Jamie Oliver Pizza Oven stockists, Polito Wood Fire Ovens today.

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