All Smiles Dentistry

All Smiles Dentistry
All Smiles Dentistry
At All Smiles Dentistry, our experts provide a proper dental solution in Hornsby. We have a proficient team for dental check-up and treatment for the last 15 years. Our staffs live locally in Hornsby so are always here to help you as members of your community. We can provide emergency dental treatment for pain relief and eliminate infection in the tooth or mouth.

Emergency services, we provide:

• Diagnosis
• Digital x-rays on site including panoramic x-rays of the jaw
• Pain Relief
• Extractions
• Wisdom Teeth Treatment
• Root Canal Therapy, Nerve treatment
• Treatment of abcess, inflammation of gums
• Treating dental trauma
• Restoration of broken teeth / fillings
• Treatment of cracked teeth
• Repair of broken dentures
• Treatment of loose teeth, including extraction, stabilising & splinting
• Loose crowns or bridgework / recementation or replacement

Westfield Hornsby, B42/236 Pacific Hwy, Hornsby NSW 2077, Australia
+ 61 2 947 711 91
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