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VPG Pipe Repair Clamp Brochure - Front Page
Valley Precise Global
Quite simply the fastest method to repair a pipe under pressure. The VPG Rapid Response Clamp was engineered to contain leakage from damaged pipework under pressure faster, with less potential for harm to the operator that all competitive systems on the market. Developed originally for use in combat vessels, the Pipe Repair Technology is now available in three variants :

MILSPEC – up to pressures of 300 PSI ( 20 Bar )

COMMERCIAL – up to pressures of 150 PSI ( 10 Bar )

HP 40 – up to pressures of 600 PSI ( 40 Bar )

The Clamp has application across a variety of industries including energy, oil and gas, mining, refining, aviation, maritime, chemical and food industries.

The VPG Rapid Response Clamp offers :

* Increased personnel and asset survivability.

* Reduction in potential environmental damage

* Improved protection of assets

* Improved ability to maintain production

* Lower Total Cost of Ownership

* Improved Downtime of the Operation

BagMasters Australia
BagMasters Australia is a Specialist manufacturer and importer of bags and other products that have a multitude of practical uses.
We can custom make a wide range of quality bags, padded and insulated products to suit your exact requirements. BagMasters can custom print, vary the size, materials and features to meet your needs and can deliver short runs or manufacture in our overseas facility, large volume, low cost runs. Working with our local team you can be assured that you receive the bag you ordered.
Envirosystems Technologies
Envirosystems Technologies are a solutions orientated manufacturing company, who specialises in the supply of market leading elastomeric and cementitious coating technologies.
CM Manufacturing
CM Manufacturing
CNC machining and routing of wood, acrylic, ABS, aluminium, brass, foam, and delrin. Located
Peterson Industries PTY LTD
Established in 1951 by Mr. Max Peterson, Peterson Industries provides full in house manufacturing with project management to fulfill your requirements to completion including sourcing design and processes/items outside of our advanced manufacturing facility.
Our Mission: To positively impact the Manufacturing industry of Australia by providing the tools to implement global best practices through training and development courses.
Terrapharma Australia
Terrapharma Australia
Formulated and made in Australia! Contract manufacturers / OEM .
Liquids, gels, serums, suspensions, creams ,lotions and semi solids. Categories include but not limited too : skin care, personal care, hair care,homecare
Islex Australia Pty Ltd
Islex Australia Pty Ltd
Islex Australia is a Brisbane based industrial plastics manufacturer offering plastic products, services and custom solutions for water supply and treatment, mining and mineral processing, industrial and agricultural requirements. We have been very successful and versatile in the production of quality plastic components and engineered plastics. We seek to provide innovative solutions to service all your plastic requirements: plastic fabrications, engineering, machining, pipe supply and installation and associated services and products.
Cresta Plastics
Cresta Plastics
Cresta Plastics specialises in custom injection moulding of plastics and rubber components. Providing high quality production, combined with quick turnaround Cresta Plastics is the leading standard of plastic manufacturing.

Cresta Plastics services their diverse client base by offering a whole of service experience as well as short run manufacturing of plastic components.

A proudly South Australian company established in 1968 Cresta Plastics is now powered by the next generation of innovative and quality assured plastic injection specialists.