Islex Australia Pty Ltd

Islex Australia Pty Ltd
Business Name: Islex Australia Pty Ltd
Description: Islex Australia is a Brisbane based industrial plastics manufacturer offering plastic products, services and custom solutions for water supply and treatment, mining and mineral processing, industrial and agricultural requirements. We have been very successful and versatile in the production of quality plastic components and engineered plastics. We seek to provide innovative solutions to service all your plastic requirements: plastic fabrications, engineering, machining, pipe supply and installation and associated services and products.
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With over 25 years of experience in thermoplastics, Islex combines technical know-how with years of practical experience to offer the most technologically advanced processes and highest quality workmanship to companies in Queensland and beyond. We cover a wide range of products and services: chemical storage tanks, plastic components, plastic engineering and machining, custom plastic fabrications, pipe supply and installation.

Address : 44 Lysaght Street ACACIA RIDGE QLD
Phone: (07) 3345 3511
Fax: (07) 3344 1347