Water Test Systems Pty Ltd

Water Test Systems Pty Ltd
Business Name: Water Test Systems Pty Ltd
Description: 4. Water Test Systems is Australia’s leading company in supply and support to the water testing industry and industries that involve water sampling and analysis, offering water testing equipment and products from top manufacturers as well as custom made products. Water Test Systems serves companies in the power generation industry, Food & Beverage, environmental safety, and farming and agriculture industries among others. The products offered include digital titrators, conductivity probes, portable turbidimeters, test kits for water hardness, alkalinity, arsenic, etc.
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Water Test Systems specialises in water testing supplies for industries that require water testing or the use of water chemicals, whether it’s for ensuring the purity of drinking water or for water treatment in petroleum refining processes, power generation effluent, etc. The Water Test Systems website offers a wide range of laboratory equipment, reagents and supplies, portable test kits and field instruments.

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Address : Unit 4, 13 Swaffham Rd Minto NSW 2566
Phone: +61 2 8706 5400
Fax: +61 2 8706 5499