Toole Stainless Steel

Toole Stainless Steel
Business Name: Toole Stainless Steel
Description: Toole Stainless Steel Fabrication company, is more reliable in providing the custom fabrication of stainless steel kitchen.
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At Toole Stainless Steel, We specialize in custom fabrication of stainless steel Kitchens for all commercial and residential applications. We are proudly Australian owned and every product is made in Australia. Toole Stainless Steel is a leading company for cost effective metal and steel fabrication and welding services in Sydney.
The metal fabrication industry is the industry that affects our lives every day and we don’t even realize it. We can have the doors, shutters, windows, tables and many other things that are produced from metal fabrication.
Toole Stainless Steel is market leaders in the manufacture and installation of high quality stainless steel kitchens for all commercial and residential applications. Our Quality Standards Commitment to all of our clientele ensures that every project, no matter how big or small, receive the same level of build quality, from the first weld to the final finish, Toole Stainless Steel products are designed and built for long lasting durability, quality and beauty.

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Address : 17 / 23 Bryant St, Padstow NSW 2211
Phone: 0410 683 202
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