Countryco Training

Countryco Training
Business Name: Countryco Training
Description: We deliver the Best Chemical Acreditation and Supervision Skills Courses.
More Information:

Countryco Training Pty Ltd delivers Chemical Accreditation Courses in Qld & NSW in partnership with Trainer Services Pty Ltd, SpraySMART, RTO No 40867. Our Courses are all one day, Face-to-Face with some Pre-Workshop /Post-Workshop work. The amount of Pre & Post-Workshop activities will vary depending on the experience of the student.

Course contents include:

– Transport, handle and store chemicals safely
– Follow chemical label & SDS requirements for transport, handling & storage
– Identify a range of weeds, pests & beneficial organisms
– Assess, plan & co-ordinate weed/pest control activities
– Prepare & calibrate equipment.
– Conduct site hazard identification & risk assessment for weed/pest control
– Monitor the effectiveness of controls & any collateral damage.
– Drift Management

Address : 76 Russell Street Toowoomba Qld
Phone: (07) 4639 4919
Fax: (07) 4639 4920
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