Asbestos Eliminator

Asbestos Eliminator
Business Name: Asbestos Eliminator
Description: With over 10 years of proven experience in the Queensland construction and asbestos removal industry, our dedicated and professional team offers customers fully-integrated removal of asbestos and related services in and around the North Queensland, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast & Gold Coast regions.
More Information:

Our asbestos disposal services cover all other properties over-exposed to asbestos.

Our comprehensive range of services include:

Asbestos removal
Safe disposal of Asbestos
Asbestos project management services
Asbestos assessment and identification
Affordable asbestos consulting services
Our North Queensland, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and Brisbane Asbestos Cleanup Service
We use the latest technologies and advanced equipment to guarantee effective asbestos disposal that solves your problem safely. All of our contractors are professionally-trained and fully-qualified and follow our strict guidelines for safety at the workplace. This ensures us to be able to deliver reliable services and unbiased advice to our clients.

Address : 47 Ben Lomond St, Aspley QLD 4034
Phone: 0403644745