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Super LED Lighting is a led lighting distributor and wholesaler in developing, manufacturing and distributing of LED Lighting and intelligent lighting system.

Super LED Lighting is committed to providing our customers and distributors with high quality products, great price advantage and outstanding services. Currently, ChiChinLighting is establishing international warehouses in US and UK. We are expecting to have local warehouses and local distributing channel built during July - September 2013.

Super LED Lighting offers retailing supply, wholesale, dropshipping and distributing business for all kinds of customers around the world. Have questions about a particular bulb? Rest easy. Our knowledgeable, dedicated team of product specialists have years of lighting experience. From answering questions about lumens, color temperature, or base types, the product specialists are ready to solve your lighting dilemma.Please do not hesitate to contact our sales department for any of these inquiries anytime - [email protected]