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Has your driveway lost its colour? Your roof looking a little worse for wear?

Pressure Cleaning is the best solution for that!

Austral Cleaning offer experience in pressure and power washing throughout the whole of Brisbane, Gold Coast and Melbourne. With our experience we can guarantee you a shiny finish to whichever area you need us to cover.

Steam pressure washing, hydro blasting, water blasting and sand blasting offer excellent, Austral Cleaning can provide you with those immaculate results that you are expecting without fail. We specialize in areas such as:

Domestic, Commercial, Industrial, Real Estate Property Maintenance
Cleaning Commercial Building Exteriors
Chemical and None-Chemical Washes
Parking Lots and Pavements
Lime Scale, Calcium Deposits
Mold and Mildew Removal
Masonry and Concrete Surfaces
Brick Restoration
Concrete Washing
Pavers Cleaning

The four basic elements of the pressure washing commercial cleaning process must be perfectly combined in order to achieve a clean surface without harming the surface itself. The four elements are: Water Pressure, Water flow rate, Cleaning solution used and the heat or temperature of the water. Improper balance of these 4 elements can result in more harm than good; our professionally trained team will give you the results you are looking for.

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