Oral health association aims to increase awareness about locally-manufactured dental prostheses

September 4, 2013 • Featured

The Oral Health Professionals Association (OHPA) has partnered with the Australian Made Campaign as a ‘Campaign Associate’ to increase awareness about the benefits of buying locally-made dental prosthesis.

Image courtesy of ponsulak /

Image courtesy of ponsulak /

As a Campaign Associate OHPA will be promoting the green-and-gold Australian Made logo to its members in order to better market products and give an assurance of quality.

OHPA Chief Executive Chantelle Adams says most dental patients do not know that much of the manufacturing of dental prosthesis happens offshore.

“There is a choice to be made about where their dental prosthesis come from,” Ms. Adams said in the Australian Made media release.

“As an Australian Made Campaign Associate, OHPA supports technicians and prosthetists making custom-made dental prosthesis in Australia with high quality raw materials that are registered with the Therapeutic Goods Administration and supplying dentists in Australia.”

Dental prostheses include products like dentures crowns, bridges and implants.

Australian Made’s Chief Executive Ian Harrison has welcomed OHPA to the Campaign, praising the group for its efforts to inform dental practitioners and patients about buying locally-manufactured products.

“We choose to buy locally manufactured food products because we know that what we are putting into our bodies has been grown and processed to high quality, health and safety standards; and we should insist on locally manufactured dental prosthesis for those same reasons,” Mr. Harrison said.

Mr. Harrison said nearly all of Australian consumers surveyed recognize the official Australian Made logo and trust it to identify genuine Aussie products. As such it will also be helpful in providing patients and dentists with a credible point of reference when selecting a supplier of dental prosthesis.

OHPA strongly advocates for their patients and dentists to use Australian laboratories when making dental prosthesis.

“The OHPA Accredited Laboratories deliver high quality, Australian Made prosthesis. We believe that the laboratories that we accredit, deliver some of the highest quality items available,” says the organization.

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