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IOT – The barriers to scaling

In the midst of global events that have shaped the way entire nations do business, the manufacturing sector remains important to the economies of...

Super concentrated ionic liquids are key to achieving better batteries for future

Media Release An all-Australian research team including scientists from The University of Western Australia, in collaboration...

New CSIRO report confirms CSG fracking is a safe practice

A new CSIRO report into the impact on the environment from fracking has found little to...

Transform Manufacturing from Offshoring to Rightshoring in 3 Easy Steps

After two decades of offshore productions in low-cost countries, manufacturers are now struggling with the...

Aussie researchers develop cement-free concrete resistant to acid corrosion

Researchers from RMIT University have developed an eco-friendly zero-cement concrete that protects sewers from corrosion and fatbergs and could significantly reduce the cost of...

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Meet BigRep – Redefining Additive

This video series is sponsored by We're wrapping up our BigRep series with a video that sums up everything we've seen so far from this innovative additive manufacturing company. With their strategic locations in...

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10 Reasons to Extend Your Expert Team with 3D Systems Part Manufacturing Services

In times when design and manufacturing expectations are continually escalating, engaging with 3D Systems On Demand for your prototyping to production requirements is well...

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Master Mac 2000

Established in 1989, MasterMac2000 is Australia's largest distributor of pneumatic tools such as vacuums and accessories, Mack valves, pump, cylinder and more.

Tesla 2020 Annual Shareholder Meeting and Battery Day The company held its 2020 annual Shareholder Meeting and Battery Day on September 22. Tesla’s co-founder and CEO, Elon Musk, gave presentation about the company...

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