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What’s driving quality for manufacturers?

Today’s end consumers demand quality, and they are quick to try a competitive product when disappointment hits. For manufacturers, the quest to achieve less variability, more consistency and enhanced customer satisfaction has never been more critical.

Case study: Argon gas heat exchangers revolutionise AMCM’s metal 3D printing machines

AMCM, a provider of customised metal 3D printing machines, has embarked on a journey to advance additive manufacturing by enhancing the thermal management and performance of its flagship M 4K printer, according to a case study published on Conflux Technology's website.

Beyond the surface: The power of density determination in additive manufacturing

In the ever-evolving world of manufacturing, Additive Manufacturing (AM) has emerged as a ground-breaking technology with transformative potential. From aerospace to healthcare, AM has revolutionized industries by enabling the creation of complex, customized parts with unprecedented precision.

Hardware as a service: A new paradigm for service contracts

Across the ever-evolving landscape of technology and business, Hardware as a Service (HaaS) is proving to be a transformative concept. The world at large has become familiar and comfortable with software delivered as a service commodity via subscription model both for professional organisations and individuals. This has laid the foundation for a similar approach to hardware service contracts, which are increasingly being viewed as a savvy way to scale up in-house capabilities without huge capital expenditure.

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Researchers unwrap compact silicon chip revolutionising Australia’s semiconductor industry

Researchers at the University of Sydney Nano Institute have unveiled a compact silicon semiconductor chip that integrates electronics with photonic components, expanding radio-frequency (RF) bandwidth capabilities and precise information control.

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Beyond the factory floor: How to navigate post-pandemic B2B manufacturing landscape

The manufacturing and distribution sectors have traditionally been slow to adopt business-to-business (B2B) e-commerce, but this drastically changed in the wake of the pandemic. 
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Drive Productivity and Growth with a Resilient Supply Chain

One of the major challenges for modern manufacturers in the post-pandemic era is the reliability of its supply chain. When building material and critical components used in the production line fall short, productivity drops, and operational costs can rise very quickly. In fact, a disruption can cost an organization 45% of one year’s profits over the course of a decade.

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Nissan announces massive investment to boost EV manufacturing in UK

Global automobile manufacturing giant Nissan announced up to a GBP 3 billion (AUD 5.7 billion) investment to make 100 per cent electric versions of two models at its UK plant, delivering a significant boost to the United Kingdom’s auto industry. 
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