3D Systems adds new materials to its SLA, Figure 4 portfolios

Parts produced with Accura AMX Tough FR V0 Black are flame-retardant and pass UL 94 V0 test standards. This high performance, fast-printing material is able to produce production-ready parts in high quantities or at large scale. Image credit: 3D Systems

Additive manufacturer 3D Systems has introduced three new materials – Accura AMX Tough FR V0 Black, Figure 4 Tough FR V0 Black, and Figure 4 JCAST-GRN 20 – to improve its stereolithography (SLA) and Figure 4 portfolios.

In a press release, the company said these new high-performance materials enable the efficient production of end-use components in sectors including automotive, aerospace, semiconductor, and consumer products.

The chemistry in Accura AMX Tough FR V0 Black is based on 3D Systems’ Figure 4 materials, resulting in what 3D Systems asserts is an industry-first, flame-retardant material for SLA. 

The Accura AMX Tough FR V0 Black is touted to have improved part quality and resolution for SLA, long-term stability, a UL 94 V0 rating, and is ‘uniquely positioned’ because of its combination of flexural modulus and elongation at a break of nearly 35 per cent. 

Printed circuit board coverings, semiconductor equipment, electrical housing, covers, hangers, brackets, and flame-retardant parts for rail and buses are among the suggested applications. 

The company said that Figure 4 Tough FR V0 Black is also available with 3D Systems’ Figure 4 platform. 

Figure 4 JCAST-GRN 20, the third material, is a direct casting resin designed for use with 3D Systems’ Figure 4 Jewellery printer. 

According to 3D Systems, the material has been tuned for clean and easy burning of finely detailed, high-resolution, accurate, repeatable jewellery patterns for gypsum investment casting, as well as suitability for a variety of precious metals.

“Materials are at the core of our additive manufacturing solutions,” said Marty Johnson, vice president, product & technical fellow, 3D Systems. 

Johnson added, “It’s imperative that we offer our customers the most advanced materials in a fully integrated system to address their unique application needs. Their challenges fuel our innovation.”

He stressed that with the introduction of these revolutionary SLA and Figure 4 materials, the company will be able to provide additional capabilities to its customers, facilitating operation and application flexibility and accelerating creativity.

The Accura AMX Tough FR V0 and Figure 4 Tough FR V0 Black are scheduled to go on sale in the third quarter of 2023.