3DMakerpro paves way for high-accuracy 3D scanning with new product

Seal's Scanning Result. Image supplied.

3DMakerpro, a provider of 3D scanning technology, has unveiled its new product, the Seal 3D Scanner, at the IFA NEXT exhibition in Berlin, Germany, in a push to make high-accuracy 3D scanning accessible to industry experts. 

The Seal 3D scanner, claimed as the first portable, high-precision consumer-grade handheld 3D scanner in the world, boasts a precision of 0.01mm and a resolution of 0.05mm.

The technology utilises Blue Light Encoded Structured Light with a shorter wavelength, enabling it to project refined structured light and achieve accuracy. 

According to the company, the 3D scanner has the ability to capture the smallest details, textures and edges, resulting in high-resolution 3D models.

Additionally, Seal includes a 24-bit colour capture, free built-in software with lifelong OTA updates, interoperability with a variety of settings, and AI-powered smart accessories.

Commenting on the launch of the Seal 3D Scanner, Tianshi Yuwen, global marketing director of 3DMakerpro, stated, “Much like the natural evolution from static images to dynamic videos, the shift from two-dimensional to three-dimensional experiences is an undeniable trajectory for the future.”

“We are dedicated to advancing the realm of 3D technology, accelerating its progress, and enabling a seamless integration of three-dimensional capabilities into the daily lives of people across the globe. Our commitment to this vision remains resolute,” Yuwen added. 

Last 29 August, the Seal 3D Scanner launched its Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign and reached its financial target in 50 seconds, garnering thousands of backers in only three hours.

3DMakerpro, which was founded in 2015, has a team of over 100 research and development experts, the majority of whom have notable experience in optics, electronics, 3D modelling, machine vision, and other 3D-related industries.

The company said it has developed industry-leading software algorithms, gained multiple patents, and achieved certifications such as CMMI level 3 for software R&D and ISO9001 for quality systems, thanks to significant R&D efforts.

The Seal 3D Scanner from 3DMakerpro is presently available for pre-order on Indiegogo and has already topped 2000 sales, demonstrating the tremendous demand for affordable, high-precision 3D scanning technology.