Advanced Navigation launches new robotics manufacturing facility in NSW

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Advanced Navigation, a developer of artificial intelligence solutions for robotic and navigation technologies, has opened a new high-tech robotics facility for autonomous systems based at UTS Tech Lab

The facility, located in Botany, New South Wales, will boost the manufacturing of the company’s world-first AI navigation systems for GPS-denied environments, including its digital fibre-optic gyroscope (DFOG) technology, Boreas. 

Advanced Navigation is one of only four companies in the world with the capability to manufacture strategic-grade fibre-optic gyroscopes, which are designed to enable reliable navigation for marine vessels, space missions, aerospace, defence, autonomous vehicles, and flying taxis. 

The new facility will be home to extensive research collaborations between Advanced Navigation and the University of Technology Sydney

The collaborations aim to accelerate the commercialisation of novel technologies, including the Light Detection, Altimetry, and Velocimetry (LiDAV) system, Cloud Ground Control, and indoor positioning technology designed to guide visually impaired passengers in underground train stations. 

Chris Shaw, chief executive officer and co-founder of Advanced Navigation, said the new facility will help drive rapid growth in the Australian STEM industry. 

“Determined to be the catalyst of the autonomy revolution, we are commercialising technologies that are key to addressing some of humanity’s biggest challenges,” Shaw said. “We are honoured to partner with UTS, who has a reputation for supporting multidisciplinary research and opening access to next-generation technologies.”

The new facility is aligned with the Australian government’s ongoing commitment towards building a STEM workforce and is poised to boost employment in robotics, manufacturing, photonics, mechatronics, mechanical engineering, and other fields. 

“The collaboration between UTS’s global research leaders in autonomous systems technology and Advanced Navigation’s exceptional team of scientists and engineers, utilising UTS Tech Lab’s cutting-edge facilities, highlights our commitment to developing sovereign capabilities for defence and space,” said Professor Andrew Parfitt, vice-chancellor and president of UTS. 

“We look forward to deepening and expanding our collective capabilities with Advanced Navigation to accelerate the production of high-impact innovations.”