Alphafit delivers a highly functional Rig Attached Hip Thruster with patent pending locking system

Product Release

AlphaFit announces the launch of their Rig Attached Hip Thruster. It is the latest addition to our comprehensive range of Australian made rig attachments. More than its name, this product functions as a multi-use piece of equipment and is a massive space saver for any commercial or home gym.

The compact construction of the Rig Attached Hip Thruster removes the necessity of having a full-length bench or a bulky stand-alone Hip Thruster machine. Its innovative design features the industry-first patentpending Latch Pin, designed to provide intuitive ease of use and solid stability once secured to any AlphaFit Rig or Cage.

The Rig Attached Hip Thruster offers maximum functionality to perform a diverse range of movements. In addition to glute building, the Rig Attached Hip Thruster allows users to execute exercises such as Nordic hamstring curls and split squats with hand weights. It can also be installed to the back of a rig cell to perform box squats and split squats with a barbell. Each time an athlete interacts with the AlphaFit Rig Attached Hip Thruster, a new use is found.

One of the most impressive components of the Rig Attached Hip Thruster is the patent-pending Latch Pin. After hearing the cries of gym owners, the AlphaFit engineering team sought to design a locking pin that isfully incorporated into the attachment. This in turn solves the issues that come with loose or separate pins. These often go missing in busy commercial gyms or can put the user at risk of injury when the pins aren’t installed correctly on the equipment.

This industry-first features an automatic safety mechanism that ensures the attachment remains locked securely in place for maximum safety and support when in use. The patent-pending Latch Pin is easy to operate with one hand, automatically engages the safety lock and is plastic lined to protect the powder coat of your rig’s uprights.

The Rig Attached Hip Thruster is designed and manufactured with the highest degree of quality from AlphaFit’s Gold Coast factory. All of their Australian made gym equipment is available in a variety of colours at no additional cost. Local manufacturing allows AlphaFit to have complete control over the quality, turnaround and customisation of such products, enabling them to service customers like no other supplier.