Amaero nears completion of first atomiser commissioning

Amaero's facility in Tennessee. Image credit: Amaero International

Amaero International announced that the commissioning of the first atomiser is on schedule and expected to be completed by 30 June.

Hank Holland, chairman and CEO, remarked on the progress, noting that the atomiser installation at their Tennessee facility is complete and testing is on schedule, allowing them to confirm the expectation that the atomiser will be commissioned by June 30.

He noted, “The expected commissioning and production of the Ti64 powder, followed by the delivery of C103 powder samples, demonstrate our commitment to act with urgency to meet the demands of our offtake counterparty and of stakeholders across the ecosystem.”

Holland also pointed out that, considering the geopolitical context and key national policy initiatives, Amaero will continue to enhance the scale and responsiveness of its manufacturing capabilities to address deficiencies in the US domestic industrial base and improve supply chain resiliency.

Recently, Hank Holland, Eric Bono (president and CTO), Jay Chandran (chief operating officer), and Amaero’s leadership team met with the construction contractor, design/engineering consultant, and lead atomiser technician at the facility in Tennessee to review the progress.

They are pleased to report that the fit-out construction of Phase I, including the powder production/processing area and laboratory, is on schedule.

The installation and cold testing of the atomiser have been completed, and hot testing has commenced as planned.

In conjunction with commissioning, Amaero said it expects to produce two tonnes of titanium alloy (Ti64) powder.

Upon commissioning, Amaero will clean the atomiser and immediately commence parameter optimization for the production of C103 powder.

The ASX-listed company expected to deliver initial samples of C103 powder to the offtake counterparty by mid-August.

As previously communicated, the qualification of C103 powder is anticipated to be achieved in the second quarter of FY2025, with commercial sales anticipated to commence in the third quarter of FY2025.