AML3D announces its foray into the rapidly growing aerospace and space exploration sector


Australian metal additive manufacturing firm AML3D has ushered into the space exploration industry with the production of a specialised 3D printed high strength alloy part for a leading North American aerospace manufacturing company.

AML3D, which did not disclose the identity of the aerospace company due to ‘confidentiality requirements’, said the part in question is a WAM 3D printed high strength corrosion resistant alloy shape that will be a bespoke prototype.

“A key element of AML3D’s strategy is expansion into the North American market,” the company said in a statement.

“The supply of highly specialised alloys to this leading North American aerospace company showcases the continued progress being made by the Company in terms of both sector and geographic expansion.”

Andrew Sales, AML3D Managing Director, said AML3D was specifically sought out for this project due to the high strength and robust properties associated with the company’s specialised WAM technology process.

“To have secured a key purchase order for prototype with a globally recognised space exploration company is further validation of our technological capability at AML3D,” he stated.

“AML3D was identified for the provision of a specialty part that is manufactured by our peerless WAM 3D printing technology.

According to Mr Sales, the purchase order will see AML3D enter the supply chain for one of its key target sectors, the rapidly growing aerospace and space exploration sector, for the first time.

“The special alloy that will form the makeup of this part is unique to AML3D’s products and we look forward to supplying companies in the aerospace sector for years to come,” he continued.

“I am confident that the momentum generated from this new aerospace purchase order will deliver a strong pipeline of opportunities in global space exploration part production both here in Australia and internationally, as we continue to demonstrate our capabilities to companies within this particular sector.

“AML3D has the desire and expertise to play a significant role in this burgeoning industry.”

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