AML3D wins $2m contract to manufacture submarine parts for US Navy

Image credit: AML3D

Metal additive manufacturing company AML3D has confirmed the receipt of a $2 million contract to manufacture submarine components for the US Navy in a push to address supply chain demands.

The deal was struck with BlueForge Alliance, a nonprofit, neutral integrator that supports the development of advanced manufacturing technologies as well as the expansion of the US Navy’s submarine industrial base.

The manufacturing contract, which will be in effect for nine months beginning in September 2023, has an estimated value of AUD 2.02 million to be paid in instalments and in accordance with contract milestones. 

The ASX-listed company said the high-demand nickel-aluminium-bronze (NAB) alloy components used in non-safety-critical (NSC) parts are approved by AML3D.

With the manufacturing contract, AML3D will have the opportunity to show how its ARCEMY Additive Manufacturing technology can produce complicated components with superior quality and strength to comparable cast parts. 

The manufacturing contract for NSC components is in line with AML3D’s US scale-up plan to integrate its exclusive ARCEMY technology into the US Defence and Maritime industries. 

AML3D stated this contract shows the growing momentum across the firm’s US operations and follows recent Alloy Testing contracts and ARCEMY sales to assist the US Navy’s submarine industrial base.

AML3D Interim CEO Sean Ebert expressed his excitement to continue expanding its long-term, strategic partnership with the US Navy.

“The NSC components manufacturing contract is further evidence of the growing momentum in our US scale-up strategy,” Ebert said.

He added, “This strategy is driving the growth of the company and creating value for our shareholders over the immediate term and beyond.”

Ebert also underscored that AML3D’s ARCEMY technology plays a significant role in the delivery of intricate submarine components, which are no longer available from traditional manufacturers at a time when interest in advanced manufacturing is at an all-time high due to the AUKUS alliance’s demand. 

“AML3D’s focus is on the US defence, aviation and maritime sectors and the Company is well positioned to access the many opportunities that will be created as a result of the AUKUS Alliance, in the US, Australia and Europe,” the CEO concluded.