Archer Materials becomes first Australian business to join World Economic Forum’s C4IR Partnership

An Archer 4 x 4 mm single-chip quantum electronic device after installing and bonding into a commercial chip carrier. Image credit: Archer Materials

Archer Materials Limited, a semiconductor company that advances the quantum computing and medical diagnostics industries, has become the first Australian company to partner with the World Economic Forum’s Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution (C4IR), creating new opportunities for Archer Materials.

In an ASX announcement, Archer revealed the partnership honours its pioneering work and patented innovations in graphene-based biochips for medical diagnostics and qubit processors for semiconductor devices in quantum computing.

With the help of the alliance, Archer hopes to solidify its position as the only ASX-listed business and one of the few in the world producing accessible and usable quantum computing technology as well as potentially game-changing graphene-based biochips for medical diagnosis.

Through the C4IR relationship, Archer will also contribute by collaborating with organisations wanting to use the company’s semiconductor technology, public and private sector partners, strategic alliances for product development, and avenues for funding.

Commenting on the Forum’s C4IR partnership, Dr Mohammad Choucair, CEO of Archer, said the announcement gives Archer a seat at the table with global leaders in the industry.

“Archer will also have opportunities to accelerate its technology through exclusive access to collaborate with top institutions,” he added. 

Dr Choucair noted that joining C4IR will give Archer various opportunities to explore and expand semiconductor technologies.

Meanwhile, Sebastian Buckup, head of Network and Partnerships for the C4IR and member of the Executive Committee of the World Economic Forum, said the World Economic Forum’s Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution brings together stakeholders from around the world to advance the use of human-centred and societal-serving technologies.

He underscored that more than 300 professionals in policy and governance, along with 450 innovators and technology trailblazers, are advancing crucial initiatives across the C4IR. 

“Together with our public and private partners, we are harnessing the full potential of technological progress for the equitable and human-centred transformation of industries, economies and societies,” Buckup said. 

Archer Materials said the C4IR partnership complements Archer’s work at a macro level through its other strategic cooperation with GlobalFoundries, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Limited (“TSMC”), the Australian Institute for Machine Learning (“AIML”), and École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (“EPFL”), to secure future semiconductor product manufacturing capability and to support technology development.