Aurora Labs scores defence manufacturing contract to 3D-print metal components

Image credit: Aurora Labs

Aurora Labs Limited announced its latest achievement in securing a printing service contract with Sovereign Propulsion Systems Pty Ltd (SPS), an Australian-based defence manufacturer specialising in unmanned aerial systems (UAS) platforms.

Under this contract, A3D will play a crucial role in the design and 3D print production of high-resolution, high-fidelity, lightweight components essential for prototype autonomous systems.

The parts will be manufactured at A3D’s state-of-the-art printing services bureau in Perth, using locally developed and produced laser powder bed fusion machines, the company said in an ASX announcement. 

This partnership marks a significant leap for the company, as the project demands specialised expertise, aligning seamlessly with A3D’s recently obtained ISO9001 quality certification and their proficiency in design for additive manufacturing (DAM).

According to CEO Rebekah Letheby, this printing services contract represents a significant entry point into the defence industry as it functions as a platform to showcase its extensive operational experience, particularly in creating customised 3D printed lightweight components that adhere to the rigorous standards of the defence sector.

“Our dedicated team will be providing an end-to-end printing service which holds a wealth of engineering expertise specifically targeted for metal AM printing processes. In collaboration with this customer, we anticipate an opportunity to prove our capability, and establish a lasting presence in the defence industry,” the CEO noted.

In collaboration with Sovereign Propulsion Systems Pty Ltd, A3D said it envisions an opportunity to demonstrate its capabilities and establish a lasting presence in the defence industry.

While the initial purchase order amounts to $60,000, the company views this contract as an entry point into a broader market, aligning with its strategic business development efforts over the past year.

Furthermore, Aurora has been preparing for the Indo Pacific 2023 International Maritime Expedition conference and will be part of the Defense West delegation.

The team has been working to showcase various 3D-printed components applicable to the defence industry.

They focus on products that offer high value and are within existing or upcoming technological capabilities.

The goal is to provide delegates with a glimpse into the future adoption of additive manufacturing and A3D’s capabilities in servicing these products or projects.