Australian gov’t taps AML3D for marine components testing

AML3D's ARCEMY metal 3D printing system. Image credit: AML3D

AML3D has inked a contract with the Australian Government Defence Science and Technology Group (DSTG) to supply components for testing in marine applications.

The contract, valued at AUD 0.24 million, mandates AML3D to utilise 3D metal printing technology to produce two representative marine components using Nickel Aluminium Bronze (NAB) alloy and high-strength duplex steel alloy.

Production of these test components has already commenced at AML3D’s facility in Adelaide and is slated for delivery during FY24.

In a media release, the ASX-listed company said the contract underscores its ongoing success in diversifying its portfolio into additional global defence markets, complementing its growth trajectory in the United States.

Notably, the company’s ‘Scale up’ strategy in the US yielded close to AUD 12 million in contracts in CY2023, with a specific emphasis on bolstering the US Navy’s submarine industrial base.

AML3D also said it is using its strategies that proved successful in the US market to expedite its expansion into other defence sectors worldwide, in response to increasing demand for advanced manufacturing solutions.

Expressing enthusiasm about the contract, AML3D CEO Sean Ebert stated, “It is very exciting to be directly supplying test NAB and Duplex steel components to the DSTG, which is tasked with assessing the best of Australian science, technology and innovation to address Australia’s Defence and national security challenges.

Ebert stressed the confidence gained from the marine defence testing of AML3D’s WAM manufactured NAB and duplex steel, both domestically and in the US, indicating potential for significant new contracts.

Ebert concluded, “AML3D demonstrating the value of our advanced WAM technology for Australian marine defence applications aligns with strategic objective of continuing to expand into defence markets that display the same strong demand signals underpinning our US success.”