Ball & Doggett’s world-first packaging education hub unveiled

Image credit: Ball & Doggett

Ball & Doggett, Australia’s largest distributor of printable materials and a member of Ai Group, has taken the lead in driving the conversation on packaging sustainability with the launch of an innovative online educational portal.

The Labels and Packaging division, headquartered in Victoria, introduced “ecoporium by Ball & Doggett,” the world’s first community-based hub dedicated to fostering sustainability in the packaging industry.

The initiative comes ahead of anticipated Australian Government plans to implement a national approach to packaging regulation, emphasising design standards and traceability.

Zaidee Jackson, Ball & Doggett’s National Business Development manager – Sustainable Packaging, spearheaded the project.

She explained, “The goal was to create a platform that allows people to come to a central body to understand what sustainability looks like from different lenses because it’s complex; it means different things for different people.”

Jackson underscored the diverse stages of sustainability adoption within the industry, stating, “Some people aren’t even on the adoption curve, while some are already at the innovation stage.

“We’re hoping to bring everybody on a journey, and whatever that looks like for them, we hope they gain value from this platform,” she added.

The ecoporium online portal and accompanying podcast feature insights from sustainability and industry experts, providing a comprehensive view of the Australian packaging market and strategies for aligning commercial decisions with sustainable outcomes.

With projections indicating a 70 per cent increase in packaging demand by 2050, as the global population approaches 9.7 billion, up from 8 billion today, the platform aims to engage various stakeholders in a conversation about defining sustainability within their roles in the supply chain.

“The platform allows people to settle into a conversation on how they define themselves around sustainability and how their role in the supply chain impacts brand owners on a positive level,” said Jackson.

“For us, it’s about the greater good of the industry, our customers, and their customers,” she added.

Launched six months ago, the online resources earned Ball & Doggett an Industry Sector Award at the 2023 APCO (Australian Packaging Covenant Organisation) Awards, highlighting the platform’s positive impact.

Printers, converters, brand owners, design agencies, government organisations, and industry associations, including Ai Group, are poised to benefit from the expertise within the portal, accessible free of charge.

Tony Bertrand, National Marketing manager at Ball & Doggett, expressed pride in driving the sustainability conversation, stating, “We greatly value the support and expert advice that comes with being a member of Ai Group. We know we are in good hands with Ai Group by our side.”