BHP partners with Toyota Australia to transition fleet to EVs

L-R: James Agar, BHP Group Procurement Officer, Matthew Callachor, President and CEO Toyota Australia, Geraldine Slattery, BHP President Australia, Sean Hanley, Vice President National Sales & Marketing Toyota Australia. Image credit: Toyota Australia

Toyota Australia and mining giant BHP are strengthening their long-standing partnership with a new effort that will drive the electrification of BHP’s fleet of Toyota vehicles. 

The industry-leading companies signed a memorandum of understanding today to establish a new collaborative project that will enhance safety and decarbonisation measures in BHP’s Australian operations. 

The project aligns with the mining company’s goal to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 30 per cent in 2030. 

As part of the initiative, the companies will work together across safety, engineering, and project development teams focused on safety and light vehicle design and future state technologies and challenges. 

“BHP is a key player in Australia’s export industry, and Toyota Australia is delighted to announce this collaboration which is designed to enhance safety measures at BHP’s Australian worksites and reduce vehicle operation and other CO2 emissions on BHP sites,” said Matthew Callachor, president and CEO of Toyota Australia. 

The agreement signed today will provide BHP with access to expertise and resources offered by Toyota’s expert engineering teams across Australia and beyond. 

“At the heart of our efforts to decarbonise our operations is an ambition to electrify our fleet of 5000 light vehicles in Australia. Collaborating with leading suppliers like Toyota shows our clear commitment to developing shared solutions for a safer and more sustainable future,” said Geraldine Slattery, BHP President Australia.

The capabilities developed in the project, once completed, are expected to provide a blueprint for other organisations seeking to safely electrify their light-vehicle fleets and contribute to decarbonisation. 

“Combining our engineering expertise and resources with Toyota is a terrific example of the approach we are taking with major suppliers to develop new technologies that will improve our safety and sustainability. It’s an exciting project and there’s plenty of work to do, but we’re up for the challenge and we look forward to seeing what we can do together,” said James Agar, BHP Group’s procurement officer. 

The two companies will also work together on mapping out a decarbonisation effort that will examine a range of options and alternative technologies to develop a comprehensive strategy that aims to achieve agreed targets.