BlueScope Steel Supports Flood Relief and Recovery in Australia

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Steel manufacturer BlueScope Steel has donated $500,000 to businesses hit by the floods.

The destruction and effects caused by the floods in New South Wales and Queensland over the last couple of weeks might take months for some areas to recover. BlueScope Steel takes action to help out affected people and businesses with the donation.

The money was given to the BizRebuild program, an initiative led by the Business Council of Australia that provides support to local businesses hit by natural disasters. The program’s goal is to help businesses that have local employees get back to normal operations as soon as possible.

Donations from BlueScope and other businesses are distributed through BizRebuild’s voucher program. Local businesses are given assistance to replace work tools such as laptops and other office equipment. Local entrepreneurs connect with local services using vouchers to cover restart or repair costs.

The floods

On February 25, 2022, 700 millimeters of rain was recorded in Mt. Glorious while Maryborough endured its second major flood in recent months.

According to a report, causeways and bridges in Brisbane were flooded as residents watched as the river pushed into more households during high tide. People living in Brookfield emptied over 1,000 mm of water from rain gauges between Thursday and Sunday. Volunteers on jet-skis and tinnies were going to houses to rescue trapped residents and bring them to higher ground.


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