Boeing’s Loyal Wingman combat drone to be christened MQ-28A Ghost Bat


Boeing Australia has congratulated the Australian Government and the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) on their selection of ‘MQ-28A Ghost Bat’ as the military designator and name for the first Australian-produced military combat aircraft in over 50 years.

The move comes after Australia’s Defence Minister, Mr Peter Dutton, announced the designator and name at a dedicated ceremony held at RAAF Base Amberley, Queensland.

“The introduction of the new popular name is a rare and special moment in aviation history for our RAAF partners and industry team of over 35 Australian suppliers,” said Glen Ferguson, director Airpower Teaming System Australia and International.

“Selecting the Ghost Bat, an Australian native mammal known for teaming together in a pack to detect and hunt, reflects the unique characteristics of the aircraft’s sensors and Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance abilities, and is a fitting name for this pioneering capability.”

Boeing said that while the RAAF Loyal Wingman development program name will phase out, its product name for global customers would remain the Airpower Teaming System.

“During 2022, the program will continue to accelerate the development and testing of the MQ-28A Ghost Bat, with a focus on sensor and missionisation capabilities to deliver on RAAF commitments,” it said in a statement.

“These requirements will continue to expand as Boeing moves towards the aim of delivering an operational capability for the ADF.”

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