Bradfield City Centre master plan emphasises advanced manufacturing in Western Sydney

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The draft Master Plan for the Bradfield City Centre has been unveiled, signalling a major milestone for the Western Sydney Aerotropolis, the New South Wales government revealed in a media release.

This comprehensive plan not only charts the course for the city’s future but places a strong emphasis on becoming a hub for innovation, education, and skills development, with a particular focus on advanced manufacturing.

Envisioned as one of the largest economic development projects in Australia, the Bradfield City Centre Master Plan outlines a framework for the development of the new 114-hectare city, situated at the core of the Western Sydney Aerotropolis.

Anticipated to be five times the size of Barangaroo, the city is poised to become a leading centre for advanced and emerging industries, delivering an estimated 20,000 direct jobs and creating up to 10,000 new homes for the residents of Western Sydney.

This proposal encompasses key facets of urban development, including residential areas, streets, roads, city blocks, parks, open spaces, commercial and retail precincts, and the necessary strategies to deliver essential infrastructure.

With backing from a substantial $1 billion investment from the NSW Government, the project is expected to unlock billions more in private investment.

Should the Master Plan receive approval, it will delineate a staged approach to developing over 2 million square metres of gross floor area across the city centre, strategically positioned on the doorstep of the new Western Sydney International (Nancy-Bird Walton) Airport.

While progress on the Aerotropolis and new Metro line is well underway, the draft Master Plan for Bradfield City Centre marks a significant turn of events following years of inaction and a lack of coordination under the previous Liberal National Government.

Notably, despite past planning challenges, development has already commenced in Bradfield. Construction is in progress, including the initial phase of the Advanced Manufacturing and Research Facility (AMRF), featuring a partnership with electronics giant Hitachi.

Following the exhibition period and potential approval, the Department expects finalisation to occur by mid-2024, ushering in a new era for Western Sydney’s economic and manufacturing landscape.

Acting Premier and Minister for Western Sydney Prue Car conveyed that Western Sydney stands as the third largest regional economy in Australia, coupled with one of the most rapidly growing populations.

She emphasises, “Providing better paid, highly-skilled jobs close to where people live, with the right infrastructure, is key to improving the lives of people in Western Sydney.”

She also underscored that this opportunity, a once-in-a-generation chance to transform Western Sydney, can only be realised through collaborative efforts to ensure it benefits the entire community.

Meanwhile, Minister for Planning and Public Spaces Paul Scully expressed that the Master Plan represents a preliminary blueprint for creating a world-class city that aligns with the development of Western Sydney Airport.

He highlighted its potential to attract investment, accommodate thousands of residents, and generate numerous job opportunities.

“Bradfield City Centre could deliver 10,000 new homes in coming years, making a significant contribution to more, and more diverse, housing supply in Western Parkland City,” Minister Scully stated.

He concluded, “This is about making sure people have a say in how Bradfield best caters for the future needs and desires of residents, workers, and visitors.”

This advanced industry hub is set to open its doors later this year, showcasing a commitment to fostering innovation and manufacturing excellence in the region.

This unveiling reflects the government’s proactive approach to realising its vision for Bradfield, aiming to establish and elevate the city into a world-class hub.

The timeline aligns with the planned opening of the Western Sydney International Airport in 2026.