Brisbane manufacturer integrates OSAAP business, eyes industry expansion

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Queensland Gaskets announced a significant milestone in its expansion strategy with the integration of precision tool-kit inserts from OSAAP Australia into its product lineup.

With this integration, the company bids farewell to OSAAP Australia’s founder, John Coates, and welcomes Bruce Roffey as the new business manager, as revealed in a media release.

Founded by aviation engineer John Coates in July 2022, OSAAP Australia gained recognition for its innovative foam cut-out solutions tailored to the tool control needs of the aviation sector.

Collaborating with OSAAP America and utilising their Blue Shadow CAD Software, the startup revolutionised the market with its speed-driven solutions encased in ruggedized Pelican cases.

Queensland Gaskets, a Brisbane-based advanced manufacturer with over 70 years of operations, said it views the integration as a strategic move to diversify its offerings and penetrate new industries.

Managing Director Carl Quarterman initiated this market expansion, recognizing the synergy between OSAAP America’s pioneering technologies and Queensland Gaskets’ manufacturing capabilities.

“This partnership with OSAAP Australia signifies a milestone in our strategy to lead through innovation and expand our reach to various industries,” stated Quarterman.

He continued, “It’s about bringing together the best of both worlds to deliver exceptional results for our customers using Australian Manufacturing capability.”

Following months of strategic planning, Carl Quarterman and John Coates orchestrated a seamless integration process to ensure continuity and enhance service levels for OSAAP Australia’s clientele.

With the transition now complete, John Coates steps down to pursue new opportunities, entrusting the reins to Bruce Roffey, a seasoned Sales and Business Development Manager within Queensland Gaskets.

“John’s visionary leadership and determination have been instrumental in OSAAP Australia’s rapid growth and operational success, and we thank him for his hard work,” expressed Quarterman.

Reflecting on the transition, John Coates remarked, “As its founder, I am confident that this new partnership will bring fresh perspectives, resources, and opportunities for growth. OSAAP Australia’s commitment to delivering exceptional products and services remains unwavering.”

Bruce Roffey, assuming the helm, expressed optimism for the future of OSAAP Australia, citing the company’s strong team and collaborative synergy with Queensland Gaskets.

“We have a fantastic team, and together with Queensland Gaskets, we are well-positioned to innovate and expand our impact across various industries such as aviation, aerospace, medical, and defence,” he affirmed.