Garnish Marketing

Garnish Marketing
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Garnish Marketing
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Garnish Marketing are your outsourced marketing department and the perfect complement to existing marketing departments or companies with no marketing element at all. Our point of difference is that we offer a complete service from research, planning, design and implementation, then importantly measuring what works to achieve quantifiable results for your business.
Business Description:

Over the past ten years we have worked with a variety if industries, but we are particularly comfortable in the manufacturing and distribution space. We will look after everything from conceptual work and planning, through to writing of copy and developing your key brand and message, then we apply all of those values and concepts to all of your marketing. We have capabilities with Graphic Design, Website Development, Copy Writing, Social media Management, Email Campaign Management, Trade Show Assistance and Lead Generation. Our Director also offers a unique consulting service for those companies that need more of an overarching strategy opposed to help on the ground.

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PO BOX 4744, Nambour BC, QLD 4560
1300 55 33 21
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