Plaza Central Dentists

Plaza Central Dentists
Business Name: Plaza Central Dentists
Brief Description: The mouth is a warm, moist environment rich in nutrients. It is a perfect place for bacteria (germs) to grow feeding on the food we eat that gets trapped between our teeth and gums, especially sugary foods. Bacteria are the main cause of tooth decay (rotten teeth), gum disease (gingivitis) and the build of up scale/tartar (thick layers of bacteria stuck to teeth).
We truly believe in prevention and our Care Plan has been developed to help make visiting the practice for regular six monthly examinations and cleaning simple, easy and affordable. Learning how to stop teeth rotting and gums becoming infected is the key to keeping teeth healthy for life. Remember, you only have to clean the teeth you want to keep!
Business Description:

Our services included:
1. Tooth Whitening.
2. Prevention Cleaning.
3. Root Canal Treatment.
4. Fillings.
5. Crowns.
6. Vaneers.
7. Replacing Missing Teeth.
And specialist care.

Main Address: Shop 3, Plaza Central, 31-33 Plaza Parade Maroochydore Qld, 4558
Phone: 07 5479 4499