Reef Channel

Reef Channel
Business Name: Reef Channel
Business Description:

Proudly made in WA, Reef stainless-steel channels supply a modern, polished and practical solution to drainage in today’s modern showers, wet spaces and are even long-lasting enough for external use.

Perfect for use with larger tiles Reef stainless steel channels supply a modern and spacious barrier free effect to your bathroom. Easier access is achieved as there is no need for cumbersome looking shower hobs to step over.

Reef’s superior drainage rates of up to 114 Litres per minute ensure a healthier environment in your bathroom by easily removing water. This along with the simple design that is void of any crevices or folds support to prevent harmful mould and mildew build up.

Main Address: 23 Munt Street, Bayswater Western Australia 6053
Phone: 61 (08) 9272 6511