ClearVue exhibits mass-scale manufacturing on industry standard production line

ClearVuePV vision glass IGU being manufactured on a standard IGU production line. Image credit: ClearVue Technologies Limited

ClearVue Technologies Limited, a smart building materials company, has demonstrated that its Second Generation integrated glazing unit (IGU) design can be mass-produced on an unmodified industry-standard production line.

The ASX-listed firm said its licenced OEM manufacturer in China completed a commercial production run of 80 IGUs on a regular manufacturing line. 

The addition of ClearVue’s components to manufacture a fully completed and sealed IGU increased the production cycle time by only five minutes.

The successful production run confirms ClearVue’s Second Generation IGU’s easy integration into regular mass production facilities, which was initially revealed to the ASX on 18 May 2023, when the business also announced the launching of its new Façade Solutions. 

The items were first tested in a smaller factory in Singapore, where they were shown to significantly cut fabrication and assembly time by more than 90 per cent, resulting in cost savings and increased production output potential.

ClearVue CEO Martin Deil said this is a significant manufacturing milestone for the company’s Second Generation IGUs and Façade Solutions, which integrate solar technology into construction glass and building façades to generate renewable energy.

“Our ability to mass produce the Second Generation ClearVue IGUs confirms the commercial viability of our product for both large commercial and small-scale bespoke products. We now have proven ability to scale our innovative smart building solutions,” Deil remarked. 

The CEO added, “By reducing fabrication and assembly times, we lower their costs and increase their production outputs and manufacturing plant capability, leading to lower cost products for end-customers.”

Deil also shared that ClearVue is currently in talks with many manufacturing licencing partners from various territories.

“We are currently in discussions with multiple manufacturing license partners around the world. We are confident this demonstration provides certainty to potential licensee partners as well as our existing partners like AIT Group in the US,” he noted. 

The company stated that this commercial scale production run will aid discussions and show how new licensees will collaborate with ClearVue to create ClearVuePV IGU devices at scale.