ClearVue gains ground in Southeast Asia with H T Glass manufacturing deal

Image credit: ClearVue Technologies

ClearVue Technologies, a pioneer in smart building materials, has entered the Southeast Asian market through a significant manufacturing and distribution collaboration with H T Glass Pte Ltd, a glass processing specialist based in Singapore.

This collaboration positions ClearVue at the forefront of the region’s escalating demand for clean renewable solutions, especially with the anticipation of forthcoming carbon mandates, the ASX-listed company said in a press release.

The five-year agreement grants H T Glass non-exclusive manufacturing and distribution rights for ClearVue’s innovative solar integrated glass units (IGUs) in Singapore.

Moreover, ClearVue has granted H T Glass a non-exclusive license to produce and supply the products to ClearVue, or as directed, on an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) basis.

ClearVue stated the partnership with H T Glass not only solidifies its presence in Southeast Asia but also adds to its growing network of licensed manufacturers and distributors globally.

Martin Deil, global CEO of ClearVue, expressed satisfaction with the partnership, stating that they take pride in securing their first commercial agreement in Singapore with H T Glass, a progressive and flexible glass processor.

According to Deil, partners like H T Glass are crucial in delivering ClearVue’s unique technology to customers in Southeast Asia, especially in the face of the region’s significant role in their growth strategy.

“ClearVue can immediately take advantage of the rapidly expanding market in Southeast Asia for clean renewable solutions driven by regulation, particularly in Singapore which has one of the world’s most stringent net zero policies including a carbon tax that has been significantly increased for 2024 and increasing thereafter where it is expected to reach SGD $50 to $80 per tonne of CO2e by 2030,” explained Deil.

Meanwhile, Sam Tsang, managing director of H T Glass, conveyed their pleasure in working with ClearVue, describing the experience as enjoyable.

“We are pleased to be working with ClearVue and have enjoyed the experience to date in assisting ClearVue complete its product development goals with its Gen-2 product including ensuring suitability for mass manufacturing – a requirement for ClearVue and its licensees to sell its product into large scale building projects globally,” Tsang noted.

Tsang mentioned their collaboration on BCA Skylab testing, which enhanced their understanding of the real benefits of ClearVue’s product for the region and globally.

He noted H T Glass’s recent expansion with a new glass processing line to meet the expected growth in orders, including those for the ClearVue product in 2024 and beyond.

This expansion follows recent agreements with 8G Solutions in the US, Greendustrial Global in Israel, and the Concept Business Group in South Africa.

H T Glass, established in 2007 and headquartered in Singapore, operates a state-of-the-art 5000 sqm processing facility on the island, distinguishing itself as a leading player in end-product glass processing.