ClearVue taps into 8G Solutions for strategic US distribution expansion

Image credit: ClearVue

ClearVue Technologies Limited has expanded its presence in the US market by appointing 8G Solutions as the new distributor, targeting growth in Colorado, Missouri, and Arizona.

The five-year agreement grants 8G Solutions non-exclusive distribution rights for ClearVuePV solar integrated glass units (IGUs), with the potential for exclusivity based on performance, the company announced in a media release.

According to the ASX-listed company, the ClearVuePV solar integrated glass units provide an innovative solution for sustainable and energy-efficient building designs.

The partnership with 8G Solutions aligns with ClearVue’s vision to make its state-of-the-art products more accessible to the US market.

Established in 1984 as JPI Glass LLC, 8G Solutions boasts a team of around 150 professionals operating across three US states.

The company specialises in a wide range of projects, with a focus on curtain walls/façades, window walls, storefronts, entrances, windows, structural glass walls, handrails, interior glazing, metal panels, and more.

The collaboration with 8G Solutions is expected to leverage the distributor’s extensive experience and strong presence in the industry.

ClearVue Technologies aims to capitalise on 8G Solutions’ well-established network and expertise to effectively introduce its ClearVuePV products to the dynamic markets of Colorado, Missouri, and Arizona.

Martin Deil, Global CEO of ClearVue, mentioned that the agreement builds on their expanding network of manufacturers and distributors across the US, including AIT Group in Florida and Massachusetts, and Graboyes in Pennsylvania, all of which were previously appointed.

“Our unique solar glazing technology not only helps companies take advantage of these incentives, but provides them with real solutions to meet current and incoming strict sustainability regulations via improved thermal performance of windows which reduces heating and cooling energy demands and costs, and by providing clean energy on-site,” he remarked.

Deil continued, “This agreement also rapidly follows the recent appointments of new distributors in Israel and South Africa, further demonstrating the growing global need for ClearVue’s renewable energy solutions, proven to improve energy efficiency and reduce carbon emissions.”

Meanwhile, Chuck Mowrey, non-executive director of ClearVue and CEO of 8G Solutions, expressed his satisfaction with the expansion of ClearVue’s solar glass technology across the US states where 8G Solutions operates.

“The increasing regulatory environment across the US and the need for sustainable solutions create a significant market for ClearVue’s products,” Mowrey stated.

In addition to the partnership with 8G Solutions, ClearVue Technologies is set to work in tandem with AIT Group, previously appointed as a ClearVue IGU manufacturer for the United States.

This coordinated approach ensures a seamless integration of manufacturing and distribution processes, enhancing the overall efficiency of ClearVue’s operations in the US.