Climate Council celebrates powerful new appointments to Climate Change Authority Board

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Media Release by The Climate Council

The Climate Council today congratulates its outgoing Board Chair Sam Mostyn and founding member and Climate Councillor, Distinguished Professor Lesley Hughes, for their appointments to the Climate Change Authority Board.

The Climate Change Authority was established as an independent statutory body in 2011 to provide expert advice to the Australian Government on climate change policy.

However, under the previous government it lost credibility as its resources were slashed and the Board was stacked with big business appointees lacking genuine climate science expertise.

Climate Council CEO Amanda McKenzie said: “We are at a momentous point in Australia’s history to finally accelerate climate action this decade, with the Climate Act now enshrined in law.

“The CCA can play an important role, but its leadership is crucial to rebuilding its credibility. Sam Mostyn and Professor Lesley Hughes will provide the courageous, honest, independent, science-backed advice the Federal Government needs to drive real action on the climate crisis.

“This is precisely what is needed right now. We have to stay focussed on the urgent need for deeper emissions cuts this decade in line with the science and our international responsibilities.

“To ensure the CCA is fully equipped for this task, the existing membership of the Board should also be reviewed.”