Dimensionics’ automated density determination tech for additive manufacturing gains traction

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Germany-headquartered Dimensionics Density announced that its density determination technology for additive manufacturing (AM), which was introduced last month, has received a significant amount of attention from across industries. 

According to a press release from the company, the new density determination technology it has created contributes to the automation of the AM process chain as more companies use AM as a manufacturing method. 

Philipp Pruesse, head of sales at Dimensionics Density, said the company has been overwhelmed by the response to its solution’s commercial launch in early April. 

“Our solution is a revolutionary metrological system designed to deliver rapid and impeccably precise density analysis for various components,” Pruesse noted.

The company emphasised that with the solution, manufacturers will be able to recognise and address porosity-related problems, enhancing the mechanical integrity, toughness, and resilience of AM parts to external stresses and environmental conditions.

By using proven AM components, Dimensions noted that users will be able to advance their manufacturing techniques and realise the full potential of AM.

The business added that Dimensionics Density is prepared to make a number of new announcements over the coming weeks and months after generating such substantial interest from the additive manufacturing sector. 

“The area in which we are working has a number of alternative but imperfect technologies, all focused on density determination,” Pruesse explained.

As a result, Dimensionics said it has commissioned an independent report from the Fraunhofer Institute that compares the various density determination solutions, which is set to be released in a few weeks. 

Preusse added that the company has been working on an easy-to-use return on investment (ROI) calculator that will soon be embedded on its new website and will show customers how quickly its technology pays for itself and then contributes to the ongoing cost-effectiveness of AM part production.

The company revealed that the Dimensionics Density system achieves its accuracy by combining the time-tested Archimedean principle with cutting-edge automation technology and laboratory-standard precision scales. 

The Dimensionics Density solution, with a cycle time of less than two minutes per component and the ability to inspect up to 18 components simultaneously in one inspection procedure as standard, aids in the optimisation and efficiency of manufacturing processes.