DroneShield unveils new DroneGun Mk4 in response to user feedback

DroneGun Mk4. Image credit: DroneShield

DroneShield has introduced the new DroneGun Mk4TM, following considerable development in response to end-user input.

Designed as an addition to the DroneGun product line, the ASX-listed company said DroneGun Mk4TM is a portable pistol-shape drone jammer, weighing 3.2kg.

Because of its size and effectiveness, the company claims this product is unique in the world, emphasising that the device maintains the versatility of its predecessor, while hosting improved performance, ingress protection and serviceability. 

DroneGun Mk4TM can also work in tandem with other DroneShield products, such as the RfPatrol body-worn detection device and the DroneSentry stationary multi-sensor detection system.

When a disruption occurs, the DroneGun Mk4TM will normally respond by landing vertically on the spot or returning to the operator controller or starting point. 

DroneShield said that RF interruption can also interfere with any live video streaming (FPV) back to the remote controller, interrupting the UAS operator’s collection of video footage and intelligence. 

DroneGun is an iconic DroneShield brand of products, from the initial first-generation unit released in late 2016 to this most recent offering, said Angus Bean, DroneShield’s chief technology officer.

“The product line has a deep heritage globally including US DoD and all main western militaries, intelligence community globally and law enforcement customers,” noted Bean.

He added, “This product features breakthrough technologies such as advanced waveforms to offer unparallel performance for its size and weight.”

For more information on the product, visit this site.