EV maker Arcimoto completes due diligence on new manufacturing plant


Electric vehicle maker Arcimoto has completed due diligence on a new manufacturing plant in Eugene, Oregon, US.

Codenamed “rAMP”, the new facility is expected to manufacture 50,000 vehicles per year once it is fully operational.

Having completed the facility due diligence phase for its first OEM-scale factory purchase, Arcimoto expects to close the deal on 19 April, 2021.

“During the diligence phase we completed environmental inspections, city zone validation, and various production concepts,” said Arcimoto Chief Strategy Officer, Jesse Fittipaldi.

“We’ve also expanded the purchase agreement to include additional parcels to the south in order to facilitate movement of material on and off site. This additional property expands the rAMP footprint to more than 200,000 square feet across 10 acres.”

He said the company will now move forward to the design phase and contractor selection.

“The facility needs relatively simple upgrades to begin operations, which means we can spend less time on construction and more time on building out the assembly and manufacturing lines. I can’t wait to cut the ribbon on the rAMP,” Mr Fittipaldi concluded.

Image credit: https://www.arcimoto.com/media/photos