Future subs builder signs landmark agreement with Australian unions


Naval Group Australia – a subsidiary of Naval Group – has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Australian unions that outlines the partnership principles that will govern how the parties will work together in order to deliver the future submarine capability for the Royal Australian Navy on-time and on-budget.

The Australian Council of Trade Unions, the Australian Manufacturing Workers Union, the Australian Workers Union, the Communications, Electrical and Plumbing Union, and the Professionals Australia signed the MoU with Naval Group Australia at the PACIFIC 2017 Naval Conference in Sydney on Tuesday.

Under the MoU, the organisations will engage in open discussions to identify opportunities relating to the planning, development and delivery of the Future Submarine Program (FSP), whilst developing, extending and protecting the Australian workforce.

Brent Clark, interim Chief Executive Officer, Naval Group Australia, said the Future Submarine Program – the largest defence capital investment program in Australia’s history – was of immense economic and national security significance.

He said the MoU outlined how the company will consult with unions, universities, TAFE and Registered Training Organisations to develop the skills of the workforce required for the program which is expected to create 2,900 Australian jobs.

“Naval Group is committed to establishing an enduring, productive and globally competitive workplace relations framework that will form the basis for our Future Submarine operations in Australia,” Mr Clark added.

“The construction of the Future Submarines in Australia will create a sustainable maritime industry, bolster the Australian economy for generations to come and create certainty for the many hundreds of Australian suppliers who will be involved in the FSP.”

Image credit: naval-group.com.au