Gilmour Space kicks off Queensland manufacturing facilities’ digitalisation with Siemens Xcelerator

Gilmour Space Technologies
Image Credit: Gilmour Space Technologies

Gilmour Space Technologies is leveraging solutions from Siemens Xcelerator portfolio of industry software to digitally transform its design and manufacturing processes across its Queensland facilities. 

Gilmour Space will use the design and product lifecycle management software of its recently unveiled Australian-first orbital launch vehicle to increase cross-functional collaboration through unified digital frameworks across various areas, such as launch vehicles, satellites, launch site operations and research and development. 

PhoenixPLM, Siemens Digital Industries Software’s consultancy and implementation partner, will support Gilmour Space’s transition to Siemens’ NX software for product engineering and Teamcenter software. 

“We’re a startup that has grown exponentially the last few years thanks to strong global demand for our products and services and the backing of Australia’s biggest investors. We want software than can scale with us, help us to increase efficiency and collaboration, and shorten our time-to-market,” said Adam Gilmour, CEO of Gilmour Space

“We’re unique in Australia in providing a full spectrum of launch services to our global customers – from the launch vehicle and orbital launch site to the satellite platforms and mission management. Siemens’ software will play a key role in our ongoing research, product and solution development as we grow into a globally competitive launch provider,” the CEO added. 

The Siemens NX software will be used to increase design accuracy and quality across large assemblies supporting complex design management between different vehicle stages. Teamcenter will support ongoing communication between design, analysis, manufacturing, and testing teams to reduce information silos and increase efficiency while optimising processes and providing effective data and configuration management. 

“It’s fantastic to have an innovative and progressive startup such as Gilmour Space use our technology to scale new heights and revolutionise the future of Australian space industry. No matter what industry, digitalisation helps level the playing field globally,” said Samantha Murray, vice president and managing director of Siemens Digital Industries Software ANZ. 

“I commend Gilmour Space on pushing the boundaries and helping make Australia a front-runner in the global space technology sector. It’s also been great to work with our long-time implementation partners PhoenxPLM on this project,” Murray added.