Hazer’s CDP progresses towards start-up with hot reactor finish

Image credit: Hazer Group

Australian chemicals commercial company Hazer Group is on track to begin Phase 2 of its Commercial Demonstration Plant (CDP) in 2023, marking a crucial milestone on the path to commercial hydrogen and graphitic carbon production.

In an ASX announcement, the company said the completion of the hot reactor follows machining and heat-treatment processes to meet precise specifications.

After passing all final quality checks, the reactor is now en route from the Callidus workshop in Perth to the CDP site for installation and hook-up, a process expected to conclude by mid-November.

This accomplishment signifies the conclusion of the CDP’s construction phase and the commencement of the commissioning and start-up period.

Hazer’s CDP, which remains on schedule for full-scale operations in 2023, aims to demonstrate the viability of the company’s innovative technology for commercial deployment.

Hazer’s Managing Director and CEO Glenn Corrie expressed his excitement about the impending commissioning phase.

“While the final stages of fabrication took a couple of weeks longer than we had anticipated, it was important to ensure the machining and heat treatment processes were performed to the highest standards to meet the specification required by the technology,” the Hazer official said.

Corrie further noted that the completion of the reactor marks a long-awaited milestone and expressed gratitude for the collective efforts involved, emphasising their focus on bringing the CDP online as initially planned.

The successful finalisation of the reactor marks a crucial step forward in Hazer’s technological progress and is an integral element of the CDP, intended to showcase the practicality of the company’s technology for commercial use.

The outcomes from the CDP’s performance testing strategy will be utilised to enhance Hazer’s worldwide commercial project portfolio.