IperionX accelerates towards commercial-scale titanium metal manufacturing

IperionX’s HAMR Furnace, the heart of the Titanium Production Facility. Image credit: IperionX

IperionX Limited announced progress in advancing its commercial-scale titanium metal manufacturing capabilities at the Titanium Manufacturing Campus in Virginia, consisting of the Titanium Production Facility and the Advanced Manufacturing Center.

IperionX’s HAMR titanium furnace has wrapped up its mechanical assembly and cleared factory acceptance testing under the eye of the IperionX technical team, the company said in an ASX announcement.

Now en route from its European manufacturer to the Titanium Manufacturing Campus in Virginia, this sizable titanium furnace is on track to be integrated into the Titanium Production Facility by the second quarter.

The company said its installation marks a significant step toward initiating titanium metal production by mid-2024.

IperionX’s vital production asset, a large-scale industrial titanium furnace, utilises patented company technologies like HAMR1 and HSPT2 to manufacture sustainable, high-quality, and high-strength titanium metal products on a commercial scale.

This initial production milestone represents a fusion of cutting-edge innovation and sustainability, poised to establish new benchmarks in the titanium metal production industry.

Progress on the Titanium Production Facility remains on track, with construction advancing as scheduled.

The commissioning of the HAMR titanium furnace and the initiation of titanium metal production are anticipated to commence by mid-2024.

Anastasios Arima, CEO of IperionX, expressed enthusiasm about the impending milestone, stating, “IperionX is nearing an important milestone designed to revitalise the U.S. titanium supply chain with a unique end-to-end solution.”

Arima highlighted the company’s patented titanium technologies capable of producing a diverse range of high-performance titanium products with superior energy efficiency and reduced environmental impact.

Additionally, he emphasised the strategic significance of the Virginia Titanium Manufacturing Campus in securing critical mineral and metal supply chains, positioning IperionX as a key player in the production of advanced titanium products for American industries.