IperionX completes life cycle assessment of recycled titanium production

Image credit: IperionX

ASX-listed IperionX Limited has finished a life cycle assessment (LCA) for the manufacturing of low carbon, 100 per cent recycled titanium metal using its patented technologies, the company announced Wednesday.

The LCA, titled “Life Cycle Assessment of 100% Recycled Titanium Ti64 Powder for Additive Manufacturing,” illustrates that the life cycle carbon footprint of titanium powder from IperionX’s proposed Titanium Demonstration Facility in Virginia, United States, could be as low as 7.8 kg of carbon dioxide equivalents (CO2e) per kilogram. 

IperionX detailed the projected carbon footprint is more than 90 per cent lower than competitive plasma atomised titanium powders, 80 per cent lower than titanium ingot produced by the Kroll process, more than 50 per cent lower than aluminium ingot, and nearly equal to stainless steel.

Anastasios Arima, IperionX co-founder and CEO, expressed his delight to release the critically acclaimed LCA results of the company’s 100 per cent recycled titanium powder.

“This independent verification of the lowest quantified life cycle carbon footprint for titanium powders in the market today is an important milestone for IperionX and for our customers who want an affordable, low carbon and circular domestic titanium supply chain,” Arima said.

In accordance with the international environmental management standards of ISO 14040 and 14044, the LCA was carried out by EarthShift Global, an independent specialist LCA consultancy, and included independent third-party critical evaluation. 

Dr Nathan Ayer, director of Analytical Services at EarthShift Global, claimed that IperionX has demonstrated a commitment to utilising the outcomes of its anticipatory life cycle study of their recycled titanium powder technology to concentrate on ways to improve environmental indicators, particularly those related to climate change. 

“It is fulfilling to work with a company who utilised the results of the LCA study to immediately improve upon their process, even before the LCA study was fully complete,” Dr Ayer stated.

He continued, “We look forward to continuing our collaboration with IperionX as we start the comparative LCA of their titanium powder and other metal powders used in additive manufacturing.” 

According to IperionX, the LCA demonstrates the clear sustainability benefits for businesses using IperionX titanium in product design and manufacturing. 

Although titanium is sturdy, light, and offers greater corrosion resistance, the company revealed that it has historically been more expensive, has a large carbon footprint, and is not very recyclable.

IperionX stated its titanium product gives top businesses the chance to lessen their environmental effect by using a superior low-carbon metal that has greater toughness and endurance and can be responsibly recycled at the end of the product’s life.