Japanese Government announces funding for green hydrogen export project in SA

Image credit: www.sa.gov.au

The Japanese Government has awarded funding to Marubeni Corporation for a project to export green hydrogen produced in South Australia to the Indo-Pacific region.

Marubeni Corporation’s hydrogen production project in SA has been chosen by Japan’s Ministry of the Environment as a pilot project under a program aimed at building relationships with emerging economies to lower greenhouse gas emissions.

The pilot project will see Marubeni procure green hydrogen derived from renewable energy in the state.

Titled “Building global supply chain of Green hydrogen to support the energy transition toward a decarbonised society”, the project was showcased by the Japanese Ministry of the Environment in a presentation at the COP 26 talks in Glasgow on 11 November.

SA’s Minister for Energy and Mining Dan Van Holst Pellekaan said Marubeni – which is working with the SA Government on project development, including site selection – selected SA as its preferred location due to the state’s high-quality natural resources and developed infrastructure.

“For a number of years, we’ve been building relationships with key governments and companies who are interested in hydrogen produced by renewable energy,” the Minister continued.

“It’s wonderful to see these partnerships solidifying into investments.

“We congratulate the Japanese government and the Marubeni Corporation, along with its industry partners, on this exciting venture.”

Image credit: www.sa.gov.au